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A blog specifically created for RFMA intended to provide pertinent information on protecting company assets.


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Another CMMS Advantage

Posted By Jeff Dover, CRFP, RFMA, Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Updated: Monday, April 25, 2016

Hello RFMA members,

Today's post is a brief summary of another advantage for restaurant facility professionals to utilize a CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) within their company. How do you currently make repair versus replacement decisions concerning equipment in your restaurants? When the need arises, the following items need to be addressed:

- Age of equipment

- Remaining Book Value

- Estimated cost of repair vs total cost of new replacement (over 50%?)

- Is repair R&M or capital

- Importance of equipment to store operations

- Repair history

- Current building lease status and possible lease renewal

In most cases, a decision is needed in a very short time, especially if the piece of equipment is critical to operating the store or keeping the customers and/or employees comfortable, satisfied, and safe. For those without a CMMS, you'd be hard pressed to obtain answers to all the above items in a timely manner. Most of the metrics above should be readily available with the exception of the repair history. Generally, some assistance from your accounting dept. would be required to provide all repair related invoices for review and how do you identify the asset? What if it's an a/c unit in the dining room on a hot summer day? How are the HVAC's identified? Could be very tricky. With a CMMS in place and proper asset tagging, the repair data should be a few keystrokes away. Most of the other items noted above are also available in a well thought out and constructed CMMS. A sound economic decision can then be made and you are free to move on to your next decision. With the continued data driven society we are in, CMMS will continue to figure prominently in future restaurant facility decisions. Get on board. RFMA has several companies that can help.

Dover and out.

Tags:  asset tagging  book value  CMMS  equipment repair history 

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Carbon Monoxide, New York State

Posted By Jeff Dover, CRFP, RFMA, Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Updated: Friday, April 1, 2016

Hello RFMA members,

Terry Byerly, CRFP, with Pizza Hut contacted me recently concerning an upcoming deadline for carbon monoxide detection devices needing to be installed in all his restaurants in the state of New York by June 27, 2016. It is my understanding the State modified its Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code on June 27, 2015 requiring all commercial buildings and restaurants that contain any carbon monoxide source(s) to install a CO detection device or system. Existing restaurants (buildings) have the option of installing separate CO detection devices that do not require being hooked up to an existing security and/or fire alarm system but must be hardwired and have a 10 year battery back up life. Combination CO/smoke alarm systems are not allowed. New store construction requires the CO detection devices to be tied into the building security and/or fire alarm system(s). It would seem to me, the recommended method would be hard wiring the CO devices into the current alarm system in exiting facilities. In most cases, only 2-4 CO detection devices would be required per building as they need to be installed in "detection zones", areas where carbon monoxide is produced, i.e., water heater room, cookline area(s), and in the dining room.Most of you are probably aware of this change and have acted accordingly but for those who have not, it's recommended you contact your existing security and/or fire suppression/sprinkler system companies to review your facilities and install proper detection devices as required.

I believe New York state is the first to require this but I'm sure others will follow. It makes great sense to be proactive with this in all your units to prevent individuals from getting sick or possibly dying. It is that important.

Any comments on this or other state or federal code changes would be appreciated.

Dover and out.

Tags:  Alarm and security systems  Carbon Monoxide  CO detection  State of New York 

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RFMA Resources

Posted By Jeff Dover, CRFP, RFMA, Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Updated: Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello RFMA members,

Recently, I received a call from a FM who had a technical facilities question and wanted to know who they may call to assist. I also had a call from a FM who needed a specialized contractor in a certain part of the country. Both times I explained to them to utilize the RFMA website which could help them find their answers. Do you know what the website has? Have you checked it out lately? Do you have a specific facilities question? Check out the following

- Forums. Check out the FM and Industry Exchange Forums to interact with others (peers) within your profession. Why waste time researching answers when there is probably a good chance another restaurant facility professional has already experienced the same problem and found a solution.

- Vendor/Member search. Need a specialized contractor? Want to discuss an issue with a fellow restaurant member? Check out the directory.

- Education. Want learn more about what FM's need to help with their jobs? Check out the CRFP learning modules. They are free to members and, after you go thru them, take the test to be certified.

- Upcoming events. See what coming up at RFMA.

Take advantage of the RFMA website. It has evolved over time to provide good information to our members. These are just a few of the areas to assist you with your jobs. Let us know what additional information would be beneficial to you. We are here to help!

Dover and out.

Tags:  CRFP  FM Forum  Member/vendor search  RFMA website 

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After the Conference

Posted By Jeff Dover, CRFP, RFMA, Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hello RFMA members,

I hope you all had a great conference. From the Opening Party, Phil Vasser's dynamic and hilarious performance to the wonderful closing party, it was a non stop affair. Hopefully you were able to learn a few things from the educational sessions, networking with your peers, and visiting all the booths. "What if" is such a powerful statement made by Mike Rayburn. Can you act on it? Now is the time to follow up on your learning experiences. Don't let the momentum fade as you return to your regular work routine. With all the activities happening, I'm sure there were several takeaways to assist you in your daily facility responsibilities. Reach out to those vendors, suppliers, and peers on new initiatives that will benefit you and your company by saving time, money, and provide a better quality product and/or service.Our association has the tools to help. Embrace change as it's always there. Be proactive. Be bold. Make a difference.

Lastly, after a tremendous membership effort at The Journey Home for RFMA Gives 2016, please volunteer for our project in Orlando in 2017. Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss.

Thanks to all for making this conference a success!! Rest assured, we at RFMA are already working on making the next conference in Orlando even better.

Dove and out.

Tags:  conference  education  suppliers  vendors 

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Time to Change the Clocks

Posted By Jeff Dover, CRFP, RFMA, Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hello RFMA members,

Well, it's almost time to change the clocks. For the majority of the country, Daylight Savings Time starts at 2:00 AM Sunday March 13th. This is a good time to send a message to all your stores to check the clock settings on their programmable thermostats even if the change is supposed to be automatic. It's also good to check the settings on the security and sprinkler systems and time clocks for exterior lighting and signage. This is also a good time of the year to check the roof drains to ensure they are clear for proper water flow. On a personal note, it's time to reprogram your t-stat at home and check the time clock settings for your sprinkler system. Last, but most importantly, replace the batteries in all your smoke and carbon monoxide detection alarms.

Well, it's almost Conference time. Are you ready???  We are.

Dover and out.

Tags:  daylight savings time  programmable thermostats  security system  sprinkler system  time clocks 

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Are Your Stores Ready for Spring?

Posted By Jeff Dover, CRFP, RFMA, Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hello RFMA members,

It's only the middle of February but warm weather is right around the corner. Are you, and your restaurants, ready? With the hot weather, there are several items to check to protect and prolong the life of your company's assets. The time is now for getting plans made for the following areas:

- Parking lots: with the long, cold, winter months, the lots take a beating, especially in the northern climates. Check for worn discolored sealer. Reseal and restripe where necessary. Check for new cracks and expanding potholes and repair accordingly.

- Roofs: a general inspection and clean up is required prior to the spring weather. Clean out all roof drains (should be done monthly) allowing for proper flow. Check all roof penetrations for any gaps and reseal as required. Check all areas where roofing membrane and flashing meet to ensure there are no places for moisture intrusion.

- HVAC's: have all units professionally serviced. The coils all need to be cleaned for optimal performance. Ensure the filters are changed and condensate lines are not clogged. Have all electrical connections checked. For a complete a/c maintenance list inspection report, visit the RFMA website under "Resource Library" and "Facilities Toolkit".

- Irrigation Systems: check to ensure the date & time are correct and the start/stop times are programmed properly. Check on battery back-up if applicable. Check for proper sprinkler head operation, cleaning out any dirt or obstructions. Replace broken/worn heads.

- Other: check for correct time clock settings for exterior lights to save energy and keep the facility safe. Inspect landscaping and trim all overgrown areas as necessary.

By completing these items, you will protect your stores, save energy dollars, and keep your customers and employees safe.

Dover and out.

Tags:  HVAC  landscaping  parking lots  roofs  Spring start ups 

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Are You Ready For The Conference?

Posted By Jeff Dover, CRFP, RFMA, Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hello RFMA members,

Time sure flies by. It seems like yesterday we were getting ready for our get together in San Diego. Now, it's almost time for our next national conference in Nashville beginning on March 13th. Are you ready? Have you registered and made travel and hotel arrangements? This is always an exciting time at RFMA. The conference gives everyone a great opportunity to learn, network, and investigate ways to save precious dollars in your overall facilities costs along with making your life easier to maintain all your restaurants. This is the only conference designed specifically for restaurant facility professionals.

Due to the size and scope of this event, I recommend doing a little homework to gain as much knowledge as possible. The RFMA Conference App will be available in February but you can visit our conference website,,  now to review all scheduled events. Make sure to check out the times and topics for the great educational sessions. Are you looking at increasing your knowledge for Disaster Planning, Vendor Management, or Negotiating Services? We have these along with many more. How about investigating new vendors or touching base with existing ones? Review the exhibitor list and note the location of the booths you'll want to visit. With all the booths, it may be a bit overwhelming, which requires an efficient game plan. Make sure to sign up for the Restaurant Roundtable as it provides a good chance to network with other facility professionals in your same geographical area(s).

Lastly, if you are able to arrive early, sign up for our Fun Run/Walk benefiting RFMA Gives 2017 or play in the golf tournament. Have fun at the conference. There's really no secrets. We are all here to learn and share restaurant facility best practices. And don't forget to stop by the RFMA booth to learn more. We'll here to help.

Dover and out.

Tags:  booths  educational sessions  exhibitors  networking  RFMA national conference 

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Is Your Restaurant Balanced?

Posted By Jeff Dover, CRFP, RFMA, Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Updated: Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello RFMA members,

Do you know if your restaurants are air balanced properly? Negative or positive? My experience has shown the majority of restaurants are overwhelmingly negative. With all the air handling equipment and controls, they must be operating properly to have a balanced store. It very easy to check on a store's balance. Ensure all the HVAC's are on and running along with the hood(s) exhaust fans. From the inside of the restaurant go to an exterior door and crack it open a few inches. With a lighter, put the flame up against the opening and see which way it flickers. If it flickers towards the inside, the store is under a negative airflow. If it is pulled towards the outside, the building is positive. The ideal situation is a slightly positive balanced building. Negative airflow will waste energy dollars and could cause not so ideal conditions inside the store such as, hot & cold spots, odors, and smoke rollback. Some simple items to look at can generally help the building balance. They are:

- Check t-stat settings. Make sure they are properly programmed with the fan in the "on" position.

- Check to ensure all equipment is running. May need to check the breakers.

- Ensure all air filters are clean. Clogged filters will restrict airflow.

- All coils need to be clean. Dirty coils restrict airflow.

- MUA (make up air) filter clean.

- Outside air dampers on a/c units open and set properly.

- Curbs are properly sealed on all rooftop HVAC equipment.

- Hood filter in place and sized correctly with no gaps.

- All motors running at FLA (full load amps).

Make sure the HVAC PM contract has these items to review each time the periodic service is completed. Your local contractor should understand air balancing and be your eyes in the field. It will save substantial energy dollars and keep your customers and employees comfortable.

Dover and out.

Tags:  air balance  air dampers  clean coils  dirty filters  negative pressure 

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Certified Restaurant Facility Professionnal (CRFP)

Posted By Jeff Dover, CRFP, RFMA, Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Updated: Monday, December 14, 2015

Hello RFMA members,

A belated Happy New Years!! As part of the planning of 2016, have you thought about your professional development growth goals? With the workload in Facilities, probably not but there is one easy way to move forward in this area. Attaining RFMA's CRFP designation is a huge step in increasing your facilities management knowledge and elevating yourself within our industry. The prerequisite, in general, for taking the exam for the designation requires 3-5 years of restaurant facility experience, knowledge of all aspects of facility management, and a commitment to advancement of the restaurant facility management industry. To prepare for the exam there is a CRFP Prep course on the RFMA website consisting of fourteen (14) topic areas (modules) to review. They are:

- Site Work

- Building

- Kitchen Equipment


- Electrical Systems

- Plumbing Systems

- Preventative Maintenance

- Disaster Management

- Energy Management

- Financial Planning

- Financial Management

- Project Management

- Property Management

- Codes & Guidelines

The modules are free to RFMA members and are online for self training with no time constraints. Each module has a pre-test, the learning material, and a post-test. Each module takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes to complete and will prepare you for the CRFP exam. Even if you decide not to take the exam, the modules provide valuable information that will benefit you in your day to day decision making activities. I highly recommend this great learning tool as it will only help in your professional development.

So, are you up for it? Are your ready to elevate yourself in our industry? Challenge yourself. You will not be disappointed. Feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Dover and out.

Tags:  CRFP  facility management  professional designation 

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Enjoy the Holidays !!

Posted By Jeff Dover, CRFP, RFMA, Wednesday, December 23, 2015
Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hello RFMA members,

The Holiday Season is upon us. I am currently off spending quality time with my family. All of us here at RFMA wishes a very merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all our members!! I sincerely hope you are able to spend some of the Holidays with your family and friends and your facilities issues are few.

Thanks for all you do for your company and our industry!!

Dover and out.

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