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RFMA Gives
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We are STILL GOING at RFMA Gives 2015

Posted By Tim Corcoran, PMP, CRFP, Jack in the Box, Thursday, December 11, 2014

Aren’t we done?  No, but we will wrap up before our convention.  Here is an update on some of the things that were recently done.  Still have some great things coming up so stay tuned…..

What has been going on recently?

·         Walkin Freezer was installed.  Thanks to the efforts of many, we successfully completed the install of the Walkin Freezer at ECTLC.  Why is this unit so important?  Bed bugs.  Yes, bed bugs.  Facilities like ECTLC constantly face the challenge brought on by bed bugs because of the constant influx of new residents.  Controlling the introduction and infestations is difficult for them based on the lack of resources.  One way to control the influx of bed bugs is to freeze peoples clothing/items before they enter the rooms.  Prior to RFMA Gives 2015, all that ECTLC had to do this was a small trunk freezer.  As a result, they were not able to freeze the majority of items from new residents before they entered their room.  Well, that is not an issue now thanks to the Walkin Freezer that was installed and fired up this week.  See attached photos of the old trunk freezer and the new box that was installed.  Special thanks go out to the following groups for making this all happen:

Ø    Facility Solutions, Inc. for the donation of the new WIF box

Ø    Heatcraft for the donation of the Evap coil and condensing unit for the new box.

Ø    Billy To, Panda Express Restaurant Group and their vendors for the coordination and installation of the unit.  They worked with their vendor base to provide the additional materials and labor needed to get this box installed.  Vendors who supported their efforts were: EA Mechanical, JJ Herman, Action Sales, and All Weather. 


·         Phase 1 of the kitchen modifications occurred.  Thanks to the great work by Classic Installs, we were able to remove over 30’ of SS cabinets and concrete curbs that were not needed in the dining room/sanctuary.  Yes, 30’ of concrete curbs were removed.  Wow!  In addition, they put in place the Dish machine and Triple sink donated by Red Lobster.  The addition of the dish machine will provide ECTLC with better dishwashing capabilities.  Also, the install of the triple sink will now provide them with an NSF compliant sink for washing dishes.  As phase 1 implies, this is just the beginning of what Classic Installs is doing and we can’t wait to share with you more updates once phase 2 begins in the next few weeks.

·         Power-washing of all hardscape areas at the residents building was completed by HOODZ.  This was done post volunteer event to remove all debris left over from the painting of the buildings as well as the renovation of the playground.

·         New filter replacement service for all HVAC units was implemented by Bonded Filter.  They will continue this service for another 5 years at no cost to ECTLC.  Wow!

·         The team at Chipotle is doing some great things for RFMA Gives via some amazing donations.  They are not only performing some big repairs to the AC units at the facility this week, but they are also donating some great stuff.  Not all of this has occurred yet, but wanted to foreshadow these things to you as they are amazing! 

Again, stay tuned for more…..

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Just in time for Thanksgiving......

Posted By Tim Corcoran, PMP, CRFP, Jack in the Box, Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What's the best way to ensure you can cook up to 100 Turkeys for Thanksgiving?  Get a new oven.  And that's exactly what RFMA helped do for the folks at ECTLC.  Thanks to the efforts of Danny Koontz with Mobile Fixtures, we were able to get a brand new, double-stacked blodgett oven for the folks at ECTLC.  For those of you who have been following this closely, this piece of equipment has been very high on our wish list as it is where 80% of all their cooking occurs.  Their previous oven was on its last legs so this gift came at the perfect time.  As of today, they have already cooked over 50 turkeys in these new units.

In addition to Mobile Fixtures and Blodgett, we also need to thank Charles Rex at Ecolab for their team's support in installing this oven for us.

 What else is going?   

*  The Walkin freezer box donated by the folks at Facility Solutions, Inc out of Michigan was delivered.  Many thanks go to Tom Cullen and Chuck Skruba for making this happen.  The box and refrigerations system will be installed and connected soon.  We will share more details on this in the next week or so once it is completed.

*  Electrical work - thanks goes out to Spencer at Reliant Electric for his team's recent help.  They were able to modify the hood controls for the hood systems so that all hoods could be controlled separately.  This was a huge issue for the folks in the kitchen and modifying this is a huge help for them.  They also installed a service switch on the new ice machine to allow the team to more easily control when the unit runs.

*  The playground is in full use (see attached photos)

 More to come.  Stay tuned as we keep you up-to-date on all the great things happening with RFMA gives 2015.

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More great news - Parking lot and landscaping work has occured!!!!

Posted By Tim Corcoran, PMP, CRFP, Jack in the Box, Thursday, November 20, 2014

This week some additional work has occured that we wanted to share with you.  The lower parking lot work has been completed. In the last 2 weeks, 10 tons of material was donated and used to patch various areas of the parking lot that were in need of repair.  Also, the entire lot (a huge area) received a sealcoat and re-stripe.  This is a huge long-term benefit for the team at ECTLC. It not only restores the integrity and beauty of their parking lot, but it also eliminates them having to fore-go needed repairs or safety issues down the road due to limited operating funds.  Many thanks go to the parties below who made this all possible:

*  Henry Miller @ The Pavement Exchange group for bringing together this great donation

Tracy Falduti and his awesome team at Eagle Paving for donating material and labor to get all this done

Sealmaster for donating materials

We also had some landscaping improvements occur this past week.  The landscape planters along the entire property were remulched.  The large grass area by the lobby also had irrigation repairs performed and the entire area was fertilized so that the grass can grow and thrive better than it has.  Also, all the large concrete planters on the property received new plants and a cleanup.  Special thanks go to:

Panda Express team and Billy To for getting their vendor to help out

Joe Addante at Adco Services for donating the material and labor to get all this done

 Thanks for reading and we will continue to keep you updated on the great things occurring at ECTLC....

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Playground is done. We did it!!!!!!!

Posted By Tim Corcoran, PMP, CRFP, Jack in the Box, Wednesday, November 12, 2014

RFMA did it!  Many months ago, RFMA set out with the goal of renovating the existing playground at the East County Transitional Living Center.  This goal came about because this specific area touched a spot in our heart as it was in such bad shape.  Since it serves a critical need as it is the only enclosed area available to kids and families for playing/congregating, we just knew we had to do something to make it better. 


And do something we did.  Attached are pictures of the completed area which will now be opening for all kids (and residents) to use and enjoy.  What did we do?  We did the following:


  • Removed all asphalt from the area (almost 4,000 sq feet).
  • Added almost 2,000 sq feet of stained/stamped concrete
  • Added rubberized turf to entire area surrounding the playground equipment
  • Repaired the playground equipment including the addition of missing components such as swings.
  • Refinished/Painted all the existing playground equipment
  • Built a 20 foot long, built-in BQQ island with (2) commercial grade BBQs, concrete countertops, and work surface lighting.
  • Poured new footings for the existing canopy structure to restore structural integrity of the unit.
  • Provided all new, high-durability patio tables


This effort was all made possible due to some key partners that we need to recognize below:


  • RD Engineering and Bob Davidson- they are a local contractor in San Diego who has close ties to ECTLC.  RFMA wasn't able to cover the entire dollar amount needed to renovate this area so RD stepped up and partnered with us (when they didn't even have to as they have no affiliation with RFMA) to make our problems go away.  They provided us with a contract to do the work at less than half the cost.  This gesture alone was one of the main reasons we were able to complete this project.
  • Versico Roofing and Chris Shermach - Chris and his team stepped up to donate a large amount of the rubberized mulch we needed for the new playground area.
  • DarPro and Jim Schmieder/Mike Adams- Jim and Mike donated the new patio tables for this area.  These are some nice tables!
  • Volunteer monetary donations - various donations from the following people/companies helped provide RFMA with the funds needed to cover the costs we took on with RD engineering.  Those parties are:  Dentco, Massglass & door, DWM Facilities Maintenance, CMS mechanical, Rabine Paving, Don Turner with Darden, Jack McNertney with Red Lobster, MX Services, and Energy Sherlock.
  • And last, but by no means least, Jeff Dover - for all the work he did behind the scene to push this effort through and ensure we never gave up on our goal.


Please join me in thanking everyone involved for their part in helping this wish of ours for ECTLC come true. 


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RFMA Gives Photos

Posted By Joe Fairley, National Pavement, Friday, October 31, 2014

Just a reminder...if any of the volunteers, either from the volunteer weekend OR during any portion of the sub-projects would like to share their project photos, please forward copies of these to Allison and I at DWM.  We have received many photos that will be included in our RFMA Gives ECTLC summary footage video, but there is always room for more.  If anyone forgot what Allison looks like...this picture of her and her best friend Griffin should be enough of a reminder.  Happy Halloween!

Email to forward photos:

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Volunteer Weekend Pictures

Posted By Allison Bishop, DWM Comprehensive Facility Solutions, Monday, October 27, 2014

This weekend was one of the most eye-opening and inspirational experiences of my life. ECTLC is doing amazing things and it was great to see so many RFMA volunteers helping them achieve their goal of ending chronic homelessness.

Here is a link to DWM's Flickr account that was created to host all of the pictures from the volunteer weekend--if you have any photos you would like to share, please email them to me at and I will upload them to the Flickr account.

On the same token, if you did not get your photo taken for the Faces of RFMA Gives, please shoot me an email with a picture of yourself and the company that you volunteered with.

Once again, thank you to everyone for coming out--it was a great weekend!

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Volunteer Weekend, Day 1

Posted By Allison Bishop, DWM Comprehensive Facility Solutions, Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day one of the RFMA Gives Volunteer weekend was nothing short of amazing!

Over 100 RFMA members came out to support the efforts of the ECTLC in El Cajon, California. Seeing the "sea of orange" take on jobs from sanding and painting to installing new energy efficient thermostats was a fantastic site--it honestly gave me the chills to see so many people working for such a great cause. Maybe even more impressive was having the opportunity to talk to some of the residents of the ECLTC who could not thank RFMA enough for all that was being done for them. Not only were residents thankful for what was being done at ECTLC, many of them jumped right in alongside the RFMA volunteers to help. Having the opportunity to take part in this year's RFMA Gives is more than improving the look of a building, it is transforming the lives of the hundreds of people who come through the program each year. To Harold, the ECLTC staff, and all of the RFMA volunteers, keep up the good work! The effects of your kindheartedness and dedication will be felt for many, many years to come!

Photos and videos to come!

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ECTLC Landscaping projects underway!

Posted By Joe Fairley, National Pavement, Thursday, October 23, 2014

I had the pleasure of joining Harold Brown, CEO of the ECTLC and Jeff Dover of RFMA on today's progress walk-through.  You can tell by the SMILES alone that the work being done by RFMA member companies and their affiliates is already making a huge impact on the facility and its residents.  Landscaping sub-projects are well underway.  Today we were entertained by talented tree specialists free climbing the 60 ft palm trees to give them their first trim in a decade!  They now look great.  Great progress is also being made on the outdoor dining and BBQ area.  The Lobby sub-project is also nearing completion...and the transformation is nothing less than spectacular.  


One note to all those coming in this week to support our volunteer weekend...BRING SUNSCREEN!  It will be a great week!

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RFMA Gives 10/20/14 update

Posted By Tim Corcoran, PMP, CRFP, Jack in the Box, Monday, October 20, 2014

The volunteer event is near.  We hope to see you all at the end of this week for this great event. We still have plenty of needs and wish-list items to fulfill so if you have interest in learning more about where we need help, contact Jeff or I at anytime.


As a reminder: key details on the volunteer event are below:

*  Address of facility is 1527 E. Main Street; El Cajon, CA 92021

*  Arrival time each day is 8:15

*  Light breakfast (pastries and juice) and lunch will be provided each day

*  Carpool if possible

*  Dress accordingly - we will be painting

*  Smoking will need to occur off-premises during the event


Now, on to the great news about our event.  Amazing things are happening at ECTLC.  To help you learn more about this, below is a recap of some new events or contributions that have officially started or that have actually taken place since our last BLOG entry.  I still can't believe what is happening.  To make it even more amazing, we haven't even begun so many other wonderful things at this site.  So even more items will occur between next week and our convention in February.


What new items have occurred or started at ECTLC since the last posting?

  • Back dock roof replacement began.  West Coast Construction has stepped up and taken on the task of replacing the back dock structure.  The previous structure was poorly designed, structurally failing, and not water-tight.  The repair of the structure will help solve all of these issues.  West Construction also stepped up and provided ECTLC with items they weren't even expecting.  New lights for the parking lot, lights for the back dock and exterior of the building were also provided by them in addition to a new air curtain. 
  • (5) new commercial water heaters were provided and are being installed by The Water Heater Man out of Arizona.  This will provide ECTLC with all new water heaters for their facilities.  This is huge for them as the units were all old and nearing failure and eventual replacement.  Therefore, this work is saving them money and downtime over the next few years.
  • Replacement of all (3) Makeup air units for the kitchen - the facility doesn't have AC in the kitchen.  To make matters worse, only 1 of the 3 units were even working.  This makes their kitchen a very uncomfortable area to work in during hot times (and it gets hot in El Cajon, CA).  Ecotech is the company who is making all this happen.  They not only provided the new units and associated material, but also the installation.
  • New ice machine and bin were installed - a new 1400# remote unit and 900# bin were donated through the efforts of the Panda Restaurant group.  Through their partners (Western Pacific Distributors and DS Refrigeration) this was made possible.  This new unit provides the folks at ECTLC with an new unit that replaces a unit that was on its last legs.  In addition, it provided them with higher output and a remote unit which will dump less heat into the kitchen then the old self-contained unit.
  • Donation of smallwares by FMP - the team at FMP received a wish list of items needed by the folks at ECTLC and immediately turned around and sent them all the items on their list.  This is a huge blessing for this team as they do not have funds to buy new items like this.
  • Replacement of cracked bath tub surrounds occurring by Plumbing Master.  There were (2) rooms that had cracked surrounds that have needed replacement for quite some time.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the money or resources to replace these and have been living with these poor conditions for quite some time.  Plumbing Master learned about this and immediately took action and acquired the materials and resources needed within a week's time of learning about this.
  • Shirts, gloves, and other protective gear for the volunteer has been provided by the folks at Cintas.  Those of you who are at the volunteer event will get a chance to see (and wear) these cool items soon. 
  • Free pickups of a (40) yard dumpster have been provided by the folks at RockTenn.  This not only saves us money for the volunteer event, but this will provide over 2 months of savings for the folks at ECTLC as this unit is also being used for their regular waste.  This is a large expense for them so it is a great win for the facility and this project.
  • Filter system and filter for ice machine was donated by 3M.
  • Hoods, grease ducts, and rooftop fans were professionally cleaned by HOODZ.
  • Lobby remodel is still occurring and will wrap up in time for our event.  You'll want to see this amazing work being done by CGP Construction and Starbucks.
  • Filming of all the above work continues to occur thanks to the great efforts of the team at DWM Facilities Maintenance.  You'll get a chance to see this first hand at our convention in February.
  • Financial donation by DWM Facilities Maintenance
  • Financial donation by CMS mechanical
  • Financial donation by Don Turner at Darden
  • Financial donation by Jack McNertney at Red Lobster
  • Financial donation by Scott Smith at MX services
  • Financial donation by Dentco

 Please join me in thanking all the above companies who are doing such great things at ECTLC.  We will keep you informed about all other work as it occurs as there are many more wonderful things about to happen, and we want to ensure you know what these items are and who has so graciously helped make then happen.

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RFMA Gives sub-projects well underway!

Posted By Joe Fairley, National Pavement, Friday, October 17, 2014

Thank you to all the RFMA member companies and their subcontractors who are coming together with donated labor and materials!  The transformation of the ECTLC RFMA Gives project is beginning to take shape.   We are all looking forward to the volunteers converging on the ECTLC next week and all lending support.  For now, take a look at these exciting sub-projects underway!

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