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RFMA 2017 Education Sessions

Monday, March 6, 2017

Opening General Session with Mel Robbins

Restaurant Roundtable by Region (Restaurants only)

Vendor Voice Session

Speaker: Keith Moore
Speaker: Thom Singer

FM Benchmarking for an International or Multi-Brand Restaurant Business
Speaker: Jesse Klebba
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LED Lighting - Planning, Implementing and Reaping the Rewards
Speaker: Darren Davis
Speaker: Scott Harrison, PE
Speaker: Andre Saldivar
Speaker: Chuck Withers
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The Internet of Things - loT Today & Tomorrow - Practical Use for Facility Managers!
Speaker: David Andow
Speaker: Rustin Barich
Speaker: Tracy Markie
Speaker: Deepinder Singh
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Cost Effective Enterprise Energy Management for Restaurants
Speaker: Michael McMahon
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Lego Serious Play Workshop for Intra-Organizational Teams
Speaker: Annemarie Boss
Speaker: Nathan Schwagler

What to do When There's too Much to do - Reduce Tasks, Increase Results & Save 90 Minutes a Day
Speaker: Laura Stack

Kitchenology: Tales of Transformation and Efficient and Effective Operations

Speaker: Mark Finck
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Building - A Better IPM Program
Speaker: Paul Curtis
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Selecting the Right Roof
Speaker: John Greko
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ADA: A Personal Account of Why it's Important for Business
Speaker: Jessica Harthcock
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You Are A Project Manager (and didn't even know it)
Speaker: Noelle Faille, CRFP
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Identifying the Hidden Costs of Airborne Kitchen Grease
Speaker: Eric Dyer
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Proactive Roof Top Sweep Programs from the Balancer's Perspective

Speaker: Sam Rayburn
Speaker: Darren Witter
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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Proven Energy Savings With Simple Hybrid Rooftop Air Conditioning Technology
Speaker: Sal Brunetto
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Embrace Evolution - It's a Fact - Change is Constant, Change is Inevitable
Speaker: Troy Hazard

Building a Sustainable Food Waste Program
Speaker: Ian Pope
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How to Create an Award-Winning HVAC Replacement Program: Arby's Case Study & Discussion
Speaker: David Benavent
Speaker: Mark Finck
Speaker: Jason Roeder
Speaker: Richard Wilkinson
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Impending Walk-In Refrigeration Regulatory Changes & What It Means To You
Speaker: Cyril Fowble
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Optimizing the Kitchen Environment
Speaker: Greg DuChane
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Tracking Down Elusive Sewer Odors (for Contractors and Restaurant Professionals)
Speaker: Phil Clay
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Using Credible Data for Life Cycle Costing & Budgeting
Speaker: Laura Dempsey
Speaker: David Lewek
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The Facility Manager's Role in Accurate Food Safety Reporting and Using the Data to Get You There
Speaker: Tom Kay
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Lego Serious Play Workshop for Individuals
Speaker: Annemarie Boss
Speaker: Nathan Schwagler

The Hero Effect: Being Your Best When it Matters the Most!

Speaker: Kevin Brown

"In House" or Outsource Facilities?
Speaker: Mark Arrington
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Carbon Dioxide Safety Monitoring - Now a "Must Have", not a "Nice to Have"
Speaker: Josh Pringle
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Get on Shark Tank! Turn Your Everyday Solutions and Work-Arounds into Big Ideas for Yourself and the Industry
Speaker: Steve Christian
Speaker: Stephen Domzalski
Speaker: Kevin Smither
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You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure: How Bloomin Brands Changes the Way They Manage Their Restaurant Facilities Management Program
Speaker: Siddarth Shetty
Speaker: Jon Ahrendt
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It Ain't Marriage: Five Reasons to Diversify Your Lighting Technology & Solutions Approach
Speaker: Ed Carney
Speaker: Tony Johnson
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Tuesday General Session Luncheon
Speaker: Jason Hewlett

RIF Talks - RFMA's Version of TED Talks
The Truth About Waste Water by Brodie Bruner
Jaws, The Danger of What Lies Beneath by Micah Dyer, CRFP, RFMP, FMP
Implementing Layers of Physical Security to Minimize Losses by Keith McCuen
The Forgotten Waste Area by Susan Brown

RFMA 2016 Education Sessions

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Opening General Session with Phil Vassar

Restaurant Roundtable by Region (Restaurants Only)

Vendor Voice with Exhibitor Boot Camp and Signature Speaker

Speaker: Dina Dwyer-Owens

Advanced Training for Microsoft Excel - Part 1
Speaker: Toni Harris

Leadership Track - Disagree Agreeable by Dale Carnegie
Speaker: Mark Roberts

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
Speaker: Ron Clawson
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How to Negotiate and Purchase Services
Speaker: Noelle Faille
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Innovative Technology Drives Real Results
Speaker: Stephen Brown
Speaker: Greg DuChane
Speaker: Curt Sawan, CRFP
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Planned Maintenance Program - Unlocking Capital
Speaker: John Getha
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Where Did the Money Go? - Accounting & Finance for Restaurant Professionals Who Hate Numbers
Speaker: Ellen Rohr
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Advanced Training for Microsoft Excel - Part 2
Speaker: Toni Harris

Cultivating Mutually Rewarding Restaurateur/Vendor Relationships Utilizing an Improvisational Mindset
Speaker: Bob Doll
Speaker:  Lee Godden

Strengthening Your Passion for Restaurant Facility Management
Speaker: Richard Flint
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Building Blocks of a Capital Project
Speaker: Dave Magill
Speaker: Kevin Smith
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Getting the Most Out of Your Service Provider
Speaker: Bruce Hodge
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How Emerging Internet of Things Technology Can Be applied for Proactive Facility Management
Speaker: Jason Peleski
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Leadership Track - If You Can See It - You Can Be It!
Speaker: Chef Jeff Henderson

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Building a Team That Works Without You
Speaker: Bryan Dodge

How to Create and Deliver Exceptional Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
Speaker: Nicki Stevens

Leadership Track - Disagree Agreeably by Dale Carnegie
Speaker: Mark Roberts

Show Your Ink: Understanding the Power of Authenticity
Speaker: Todd Dewett

Is Your Restaurant's HVAC Perfectly Tuned to Sing Your Praises? DIY Checkpoints and Fixes for HVAC Audits
Speaker: Sam Rayburn
Speaker: Darren Witter
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What Do You Mean It's Not Covered!?! How to Avoid Being Burned by a Roofing Warrenty
Speaker: Christopher Sammarone
Speaker: Anthony Vross
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Your Hot Water Systems: The Hidden Costs and Opportunities
Speaker: Amin Delagah
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Cultivating Mutually Rewarding Restaurateur/Vendor Relationships Utilizing an Improvisational Mindset
Speaker: Bob Doll 
Speaker: Lee Godden

How to Create an Deliver Exceptional Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
Speaker: Nicki Stevens

Leadership Track - Find Your Inner Rock Star
Speaker: Dayna Steele

Thinking about Taking Your Facilities Career to the Next Level? Come Learn How to Achieve Your CRFP Designation!
Speaker: Kristy Alleman, CRFP
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How to Increase Facility Safety with a Proper Safety Program
Speaker: Terry Anderson
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Taking It to the C-Suite: Life Cycle Asset Management (LCAM)
Speaker: Mike Snyder
Speaker: Erich Munzner
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Where Does All the Grease Go?
Speaker: Ed Candioty
Speaker: Sean Duffy
Speaker: Angel Goike
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Tuesday General Session

Back of the House Opryland Tours

Riff Talks - RFMA's Version of TED Talks
The Dark Side of Facilities by Micah Dyer, CRFP
The Candle Problem by Erich Munzner
The Internet of Comfort by Deepinder Singh
A Garden Office by Noelle Faille, CRFP

RFMA 2015 Education Sessions

Monday, February 2, 2015

Opening General Session with Keynote Speaker, John Foley
Keynote Speaker: John Foley

Keeping Roof Leaks from Draining Your Bottom Line
Speaker: Brian Hunter, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Speaker: Anthony Vross, Simon Roofing
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Change? Is it a Challenge or an Opportunity to Excel?!
Signature Speaker: Mike McKinley

Are You Throwing Away Your Brand with the Trash? Managing Waste Streams to Mitigate Risk and Uncover New Opportunities
Speaker: Anthony Dilenno, HAVI Global Solutions
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Strategies to Reduce Microbial Contamination in Ice Machines
Speaker: John Hanlin, Ecolab
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Easy Fixes Mean Easy Money-Why "DIY" Should Be a Part of Your R&M Repertoire
Speaker: Wayne Denzler, FMP-Franklin Machine Products
Speaker: Stephen Domzalski, FMP-Franklin Machine Products
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Emerging Technologies and Economic Trends Driving the Kitchen of the Future
Speaker: Robin Ashton, Foodservice Equipment Reports
Speaker: Don Fisher, Fisher Consultants, LLC
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How Depreciation Impacts the Bottom Line
Speaker: Leita Hart-Fanta, CPA
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A New Recipe for HVAC System Performance and Efficiency
Speaker: Donald Langston, Aire Rite Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc.
Speaker: John Lolmaugh, Jack in the Box
Speaker: Jeremy Reefe, SDG&E
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Cracking the Code-What a Facility Manager Needs to Know about Safety Codes in the Restaurant Industry
Moderator: Rick Gerlach, Cintas
Panelists: Richard Fairfax, OSHA
Panelists: Sean Mclaughlin, Cintas
Panelists: Craig Thomson, ADA Compliance Team, Inc.
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How to Work with People to Get Things Done
Signature Speaker: Doug Jones
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"Grout" Expectations! Why Do I Struggle with My Floors' Durability?
Speaker: John Striednig, Laticrete Intl Inc. 
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Project Management in a Virtual Setting
Speaker: Noelle Faille, CRFP, Jason's Deli
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Females in Facilities presents: The Benefits of Having a Diverse Leadership Team
Moderator: Ann Nickolas, Cintas
Panelists: Doris Duncan, DARDEN
Panelists: Steven Gottfried, ServiceChannel
Panelists: Maria Johnson, CRFP
Panelists: Carolyn Roberts, Chipotle
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Is Your Beer System Generating Revenue or Impacting Your Bottom Line?
Speaker: Sean Fadden, Mico Matic USA, Inc., Dispense Division
Click here for presentation

Field Notes: An Energy Auditor's 10 Year Odyssey in the World of Commercial Food Service
Speaker: Todd Bell, Fisher-Nickel Inc
Click here for presentation

Optimizing Air Balance Report Data
Speaker: Greg DuChane, Trane
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The Internet of Things- How Will It Impact Restaurant Facilities Management?
Speaker: Jerry Dolinsky, Verisae
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Closing General Session: RFMy Awards with Keynote Speaker: Robyn Benincasa
Keynote Speaker: Robyn Benincasa

RFMA 2014 Education Sessions

Monday, February 17, 2014

Opening General Session with Lunch & Keynote Speaker, Emmitt Smith
Speaker: Emmitt Smith

Kitchen Grease Exhaust Vent Systems: Proper Installation, Maintenance and Inspection
Speaker: Nelson Dilg, CECS, CESI, President, Nelbud Services Group
Speaker: Donald Pfleiderer, CECS, CESI, President, Enviromatic Corporation
Click here for presentation

Restaurant Sustainability Certifications and Implementation Techniques
Speaker: Emily Freeman, Sustainability Consultant, Waste Management
Speaker: Megan Jorgensen, Green Bean, Snooze AM Eatery
Click here for presentation

Best Practices for Fire and Life Safety Inspections and Maintenance in the Restaurant Industry
Speaker: James Tomes, CEO, Telgian
Click here for presentation

Dish Machines-Water Softeners-Plumbing: Discover How 1 System Can Positively or Negatively Affect All 3!
Speaker: Charles Bell, National Account Manager, Culligan International
Speaker: Jeff Powelson, Senior Facilities Manager, Brinker International, Inc.
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Advanced Training for Microsoft Excel
Speaker: Toni Harris, Training Consultant, Rockhurst University

HVAC and Refrigeration: Building Business Cases to Make Smart Purchasing Decisions and Troubleshooting 101
Speaker: Chris Drury, Director, National Accounts, Lennox Industries
Speaker: Kevin Miskewicz, Product Manager, Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration/Lennox Industries
Speaker: Brian Komschlies, Service Sales Manager, National Accounts Lennox Industries
Click here for presentation

Leadership...Like You've Never Heard It Before!
Signature Speaker: Connie Podesta

Maintaining the Exterior of a Building
Speaker: Keith Moore, President, US Exterior Maintenance & Repair, LLC

Evaluation of Refrigerant Oil Additives (PROA, SRA, NMR)-How They Work Differently and How To Select the Right One
Speaker: Tim Reichert, MBA, CEO, EnergySherlock
Speaker: Russell Subjinske, P.E., MBA, CRFP, Senior Director Energy, Wendy's Quality Supply Chain Co-Op
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Smartphone Apps and Websites for the Facility Professional
Speaker: Terry Byerly, Sr. Manager of Facilities, Pizza Hut
Speaker: Carly Wohlers, Membership Coordinator, RFMA
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

General Session: RFMy Awards Presentation with The Water Coolers
Keynote Address: The Water Coolers

Strike A Balance
Signature Speaker: Carey "Vixen" Lohrenz

Win the War with Humidity and Mold
Speaker: Angela Hughes, CRFP, Facility Manager, Red Lobster
Speaker: Vincent Yeager, Facility Manager, Red Lobster
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Additional Handout-Chart 1
Additional Handout-Checklist
Additional Handout-Chart 2

Landscaping RFP Best Practices
Speaker: Kevin Smith, COO, Ferrandino & Son, Inc.
Click here for presentation

How to Create and Deliver Exceptional Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Speaker: Nicki Stevens, Training Consultant, Rockhurst University

Cold Hard Savings: How to Purchase and Operate Ice Machines for Maximum Efficiency and Minimum Cost
Speaker: Richard Young, Senior Engineer and Director of Education, Food Service Technology Center
Click here for presentation

Floor Asset Protection Programs: Tactical to Strategic
Speaker: Deborah Kleopfer, Director Retail Solutions, W Services Group, LLC
Speaker: Matthew Whelan, President-CEO, W Services Group, LLC
Click here for presentation

Change the Game
Signature Speaker: Tim Gard

The Connected Facility: Tearing Down the Walls
Speaker: Jerry Dolinsky, CEO, Verisae
Click here for presentation

Kitchen Equipment Care: Maintenance Helps Increase Your Sustainability While Keeping Your Customers Safe
Speaker: Terry Anderson, Technician Support Supervisor, Equipment Care/Ecolab Equipment Care
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